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mobile notary average salary

Jan 30,  · What does a notary/certified loan document signer make per signing? Find answers to this and many other questions on Trulia Voices, a community for you to find and share local information. Get answers, and share your insights and experience. 11 Notary Signing Agent Salaries Notary Signing Agents earn $41, annually on average, or $20 per hour, which is 39% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Notary Signing Agents work for National Notary Association at $61, annually. Notarize Notary Operations Specialist salaries - 1 salaries reported: $20 / hrTRUST Consulting Group Office Manager/Notary Public/Customer Service Representative salaries - 1 salaries reported: $55, / yrWest By Southwest Notary Public - State of LA salaries - 1 salaries reported: $55 / hr.

If You Accept $50 Signings - Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion Forum

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Save Password. Forgot your Password? Next Page. Page: 1 2 of 2. Thumps up! We have to stick together and not allow them to low ball us. Our time and expenses are worth more! I wrote back they're in low baller hell. Sincerely yours, Mobile notary average salary Life. Of course he used the cheapest paper, mobile notary average salary, lowest electric rate in the US, refilled toner, and valued at zero my time.

Another entry in the spam filter. My printing costs are based on their prices. If they disagree with my mobile notary average salary then they can mobile notary average salary the docs themselves and overnight them to me.

They get the point. Desmond OConnor My printing costs are based on their prices. How about your time and the gas to get to FedEx? Desmond OConnor. Stay Clear Of This Company!!!! Did a closing the first week of Nov. Then was told it would be Dec. Then I called and they said they would take a look and call me back - NO Call.

Then I was told they would have accounting specifically look into this and call me the next day - NO CAll. Finally got my check on the 10th of January. Tired of being lied to over and over by companies that require our very best and then give us notaries all their crap. Will never work for them again. Stay away from Mortgage Docs. I worked for them last Friday and I have never in 6 years of doing this worked for a company that was so screwed up and useless I could go into detail about everything that went wrong but this post would be way to long Leave them alone if possible.

I'm tired of being lied to Aren't you just sick and tired of working for companies that must think we have nothing better to do than wait around all day for them to get their act together and then they want you to wait around half the next day before they give you permission to drop the docs?

They can kiss my back side and I'll never work for them again. OMG it was a horrible experience. Hope it never happens to any of you Also add in the cost of your printer and the mobile notary average salary of maintaining it with your time, papertoner etc.

I have analyzed it and costed it out over and over and I agree with Suegrab in Oregon- I come out with about the same numbers. Love those calls that try to get you down on your fee because its 20 pages less than a normal package. Its not the paper costs, its all the rest of the factors that dont change. It's only 20 pages? Pay what I asked and you can have 2 totally processed copies; if that will make you feel better!

Dan, Totally on target with your post. Sometimes I ask the "lowballer" if they offer to pay their dentist only for the silver put in the cavity - they stammer a bit and say "I see your point".

I agree with Ken once again, mobile notary average salary. No one in this thread has said a thing about taxes About 2 years ago Mortgage Docs sent me a "very scientific" analysis of the cost to process edocs. I am new at this and wish there was a set fee to charge but understand there isn't. Have any of you done work with "Mortgage Docs"?

It was my very first job and was 5 miles from my home. I was so excited to get a call and wanted to get my feet wet so I did it. But they seemed set on their price and I'm wondering if anyone was able to get more from them.

As a newbie I just want to say "Thank You! What about paying the taxes that come off the top of that fee? I have been running this business just under 20 years doing signings exclusively. I am not getting rich here Linda www. Great reply!! Things are different now, mobile notary average salary, SO slow. Eever notice that the cheap charlies usually call you long in advance? Tom in Indiana. WDMD 9 Posts.



mobile notary average salary


Mobile App Aptitude – Everything is done in our mobile app. Access to a notary public. We will provide walk-through and support as you learn to use our Estimated: $47, - $63, a year. Pricing for a Mobile Notary will range from $5 per signature with no travel fee to several hundreds of dollars. Some states do dictate the price that the notary can charge per notarization as well as limit the fees Notary are allowed to charge for travel. 11 Notary Signing Agent Salaries Notary Signing Agents earn $41, annually on average, or $20 per hour, which is 39% less than the national average for all working Americans. Our data indicates that the best paid Notary Signing Agents work for National Notary Association at $61, annually.